8 ways Physical Security has evolved

I was reading an interesting article today that I thought was worth sharing. You can read it in its entirety here- www.csoonline.com/slideshow/detail/136674/8-ways-physical-security-has-evolved. In a nutshell, it was discussing how physical security (locks& keys) is meshing with the digtal world (access control, video, biometrics, etc). As the title suggests, the article listed out 8 technologies that have changed the security sphere. Things like RFID Badges, Fingerprint scanning and Video Surveillance are listed with te benefit explained. However,each technology also has listed it's weakness or flaws.

Except for item 5 on the list- Security Guards & Photo ID badges. Here's what it had to say- "There's something to be said for for a good, old-fashioned pair of eyes. With the use of RFID cards and outsourced acess systems, the human element of security is being lost. Knowing who has been coming into the building for years or perhaps noticing that a person is using someone else's photo ID badge simply because thier face isn't the one on the card are things a machine can't do, but a human can. That relationship to the environment is what you're losing, (says Nickerson). Let's say I've been working at the front desk for 10 years. I know your face. I may even be able to tell that you're not supposed to be there based on a feeling. A lot of that is being lost"

I'd like to add, that today's properly trained securty professional, is also much more in tune to the surrounding environment, able to detect and fix problems before they turn into fullblown emergencies (the smell of an overheating machine that has been left on afterhours) And finally, let's not forget, they may also have first resonder capabilities if an emergency does come up.

What do you think?

Best wishes,

Roy Veugen

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